FlexTerm Zero Client Demo

The FlexTerm Zero Client demo demonstrates how FlexSoftware's FlexTerm terminal emulation software can be easily published from a Microsoft Windows server running RemoteApp.  The server configured for the demo is a Windows Server 2019 virtual machine running in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Please thoroughly review the information below ​before attempting this demo:

  • Pressing the Launch Demo button below will start a new browser window/tab using your default web browser.

  • A self-signed certificate was used on the server, which may cause a warning to display, indicating an invalid SSL certificate.

  • Use the following credentials to login to the RDWeb site:

    • Domain\user name:​  flex.com\flexdemo

    • Password:  flexdemo

  • If using Internet Explorer, launching sessions is very seamless and should just start.  However, if using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., you may be prompted to save the .RDP file for the session.​  Once the 

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