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Fast, Secure Terminal Emulation Software for Mainframe, Power Systems and Open Systems,
Providing Secure Access To Your Mission Critical Enterprise Data

FlexSoftware announces the release of Flex Terminal Emulator 6.0 Terminal Emulation software, which now features a built-in macro editor that provides developers the ability to write and debug custom macro code. FlexFTP - a robust, secure, drag-and-drop FTP client built on the same pure C# .NET framework as our terminal emulator is still included for efficiently and securely performing multiple local-to-site, site-to-local and site-to-site file transfers. Also, now available in Flex Terminal Emulator, is the ability to customize the ribbon with user defined tabs and tab groups, making it the most flexible Flex Terminal Emulator version to date.

Refresh Your Enterprise Host Access Infrastructure

Enterprise Host Access

In a digital world, your organization requires secure and reliable access to critical host data. Your users depend on a modern, secure, and feature rich terminal emulation product. With FlexSoftware Inc, you can use the Flex Terminal Emulator product to reduce operational costs and licensing complexities, successfully defend against evolving security threats, and ensure high availability.

See How FlexSoftware Can Help With...

Assessing your total cost of ownership and how it represents a big picture look at what our products do and their value over time.

Multiple Host Access

Connect to an unlimited number of IBM Z, IBM i and Open Systems hosts across the enterprise.

Custom Host Integration

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Multiple Host Access

Advanced Encryption

Advanced Encryption

Build cross-platform integration solutions with our powerful API's and terminal control.

Custom Host Integration

Site-to-Site Enabled File Transfer

Secure, robust file transfer client with customizable workspace for enhanced productivity.

FTP: Site-to-Site File Transfer
Zero Client Cloud Enablement

Zero Client Cloud Enablement

Modern Ribbon User Interface

Modern Ribbon

User Interface

New user interface that is long overdue for the terminal emulation community.

Zero footprint, centrally managed deployment with the ability to lockdown all configurations.

Host access via the latest Transport Layer Security and Secure Shell encryption algorithms.

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What Customers Are Saying About FlexSoftware

Simple Migration

Simple Migration

My company recently acquired Flex Terminal Emulator from FlexSoftware. Our decision to migrate from our previous terminal emulator hinged upon three things: ease of transition, responsiveness of FlexSoftware to our questions and concerns, and their commitment to their product and their customer’s satisfaction. The people at FlexSoftware worked with us and made the decision to migrate to Flex easy.


Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We were pleased with

the amount of time spent with us and our users exhibiting the features of your product. It is reassuring to know that

you all have helpful attitudes and are there to provide any needed future support. FlexSoftware offered us multiple licensing options, which allowed us to make a quick business decision for our enterprise.




Our company had a complex legacy server environment, which provided access to both end users and customers. FlexSoftware was able to enhance their product to accommodate our business requirements. Initially this proved to be quite challenging, but ultimately they provided a customized version of Flex Terminal Emulator for our server environment and a terminal control to embed in our customer facing .NET application. This project was a huge success!


Host Access Made Easy

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Provides secure access to host systems on IBM Z (Mainframe) via TN3270, Open Systems (Unix/Linux) via VT/WYSE/SCOANSI and
IBM i (AS/400) via TN5250
  • Modern user interface utilizing the latest ribbon technology
  • Multiple sessions within a single workspace
  • Secure host access using the latest TLS & SSH encryption protocols
  • Robust scripting/macro support for automation
  • Secure FTP and IND$FILE transfer
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FlexFTP Workspace.png
FlexFTP 2.png
  • Provides the same look and feel as our proven Flex Terminal Emulator terminal emulation solution.
  • Multi local-to-site, site-to-local and site-to-site drag-and-drop secure file transfers.
  • Configure unlimited sites with enhanced search to quickly identify a particular site or property.
  • Enable advanced encryption options for TLS and SSH.
Flex Host Access Library 2.png
  • With this noninvasive approach, developers can quickly and easily create a better user experience, without the risk of changing the back-end host application.
  • Uses an object oriented, hierarchal approach to divide the host data into logical objects, providing methods on those objects to allow standard access to the host data.
  • Includes a Terminal Control, which provides a terminal screen WFP User Control that can be embedded into a .NET application.

Replace Your Outdated Terminal Emulator and 

Provide an Exceptional User Experience

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