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Flex-X Terminal Emulator Desktop Highlights

Best In Class Display


  • Desktop Shortcuts
    With a single click, create a desktop shortcut for your remote X sessions.

  • Text/Graphics Copy/Paste
    Besides text, FlexTerm-X Desktop has a built-in screen capture tool for graphics.

  • Session Folders
    Sort your sessions by host, project, or any other way and save them into named session folders.

  • Session Wizard
    Setting up sessions is easy with the session wizard.

  • Session AutoStart
    You can store sessions in the "AutoStart" folder. Whenever FlexTerm-X Desktop is launched, these sessions start automatically.

  • Flash Drive Mode
    FlexTerm-X Desktop can be installed on standard USB/flash drives.

  • Multiple Monitor Support
    Display your remote desktop over multiple monitors or display different remote and local desktops on different monitors.

  • 29 Languages
    FlexTerm-X Desktop offers localization for 29 languages.


  • Kerberos/GSSAPI Support
    Both MIT and Windows Kerberos are supported.

  • Integrated SSH Module
    Our built-in SSH module automatically encrypts all data between client and server.

  • Password Updating
    Update multiple host access passwords with a few clicks.

  • Authentication
    X Window authentication is used.

  • CAC Smart Card Authentication
    Use your smart card to authenticate.

  • Disable Clipboard
    Administrators can turn off clipboard support to prevent copy/paste.

  • FIPS Mode
    Users can turn on the FIPS-140 encryption mode required by federal agencies.


  • Terminal Server Support
    Install X-Win32 on Windows and Citrix terminal servers.

  • IPV6
    Compatible for all session types.

  • Section 508 compliant
    Learn More.

  • 64-Bit Compatible
    X-Win32 is a 32-bit program that works on 64-bit Windows machines.

  • Windows XP to Windows 10
    X-Win32 supports Windows XP through Windows 10.

  • Multiple License Options
    We offer concurrent and node-locked license options.

  • Fail-Over License
    You can set up a fail-over license server.


  • Simple User Interface
    X-Config offers many conveniences not found in any other PC X server.

  • Universal Keyboard Selection
    Automatically configures to the right keyboard for any language.

  • Legacy Mode
    A config setting that work for older Unix applications.

  • XML Based Session Settings
    FlexTerm-X Desktop sessions are stored in XML files that can easily be edited.

  • Direct 2D Support

  • Multiple Connection Options
    XDMCP, rsh, rexec, SSH, telnet, rlogin

  • Xinerama Support
    Useful for building wall-size displays.

  • Composite Extension Support
    Transparent displays

  • PsuedoColor Support
    For legacy Unix applications.

  • Render Extension
    Improves the display quality of Linux applications.

  • Sound Support
    Sound is supported in XDMCP mode.

  • Load Balancing
    XDMCP mode provides information on the load on each server on the network.

Ready for Cloud and Virtualization

As more and more organizations are preparing for a cloud-based infrastructure to host business critical applications, Flex-X Terminal Emulator can be published in the cloud as a secure application.

Flex-X Terminal Emulator also fits well into any existing Terminal Server, Citrix or other virtual environment.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
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