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Support Services

All Flex Terminal Emulator licenses provide the first year of maintenance and support, which includes the following:

  • Access to support portal

  • All releases and patches via direct download

  • Rapid response during normal North American business hours

  • Access to knowledge base and user community

  • Live troubleshooting/screen sharing

Customer Support Portal
FlexSoftware's online support portal is available to all prospects and current customers for submitting tickets, tracking status of open tickets, and communication with the support team.

Flex Terminal Emulator Knowledge Base
Articles written by our experts on topics that may not be covered in the product documentation, which can be searched by category or keyword. The FlexSoftware team reviews all customer issues on a regular basis to determine knowledge base article candidates and publish after a detailed approval process.

Flex Terminal Emulator User Community
Interact with fellow FlexSoftware customers to share information related to Flex Terminal Emulator deployment strategies, automation, configuration, etc. Product related announcements are also displayed here to keep customers informed.

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