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Flex Terminal Emulator for IBM Z (Mainframe) via TN3270, IBM i (Power Series or AS/400) via TN5250 and Open Systems (Unix/Linux) via VT, SCOANSI or WYSE

Ribbon Interface

Flex Terminal Emulator is written entirely in C# .NET, providing a new user interface that is long overdue for the terminal emulation community. The user interface utilizes the modern ribbon command bar to organize the program's features into a series of tabs at the top of the window. This increases discover-ability of features and functions, enables quicker learning of the program, and makes users feel more in control of their experience with the program. The ribbon replaces both the traditional menu bar and toolbars and is now fully customizable, allowing users to create their own custom tabs and tab groups.
Flex Terminal Emulator Ribbon.png
Flex Terminal Emulator Multi-Session.png

Multiple Sessions

A Flex Terminal Emulator workspace can consist of a single session, or any number of sessions, which may be docked and displayed as tabs and/or floating.  Sessions within each workspace can be easily arranged using drag-and-drop functionality.
Any combination of TN3270, TN5250, VT400, VT100, VT52, SCOANSI, WYSE sessions can be configured in a workspace.

Window Management

Enhanced Session and Workspace window management provides the ability to navigate active sessions, dock/float session windows to/from the Workspace, cascade and tile either horizontally or vertically. Also, a Restore button is available to easily revert to a saved Workspace environment. This powerful function allows the user to undock session windows, resize and move them around and, with a single click, restore to the saved size and location. 
FlexTerm Windows Tab.png
FlexTerm Layout & Lockdown.png

Layout & Lockdown

Allows administrators to securely lock individual application menu items, ribbon groups and other user interface related elements. The layout of the Flex Terminal Emulator ribbons may also be modified to provide a more customized user experience. 


Utilizing the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Shell (SSH) protocols, Flex Terminal Emulator provides secure access to mission critical data.  With ever increasing threats to corporate data, mandated security audits, and rigorous compliance policies, you can trust that Flex Terminal Emulator will meet all of your security requirements.
See the FIPS 140-2 Compliance page for additional information.

FlexTerm Security.png
Flex Macro Editor.png
FlexTerm Macro.png

Automation & Scripting

A robust macro scripting language is available for automating routine business processes to create a more productive end user experience.
Recorded macros may also be assigned to keyboard shortcuts, custom extension buttons and more.

Keyboard Customization

Flex Terminal Emulator provides several standard keyboard layouts to choose from, with the ability to customize individual keys on each.  Keyboard keys can be mapped to host keys, text strings, macros, mouse movements and more.
Custom keyboards are saved as schemes within a Flex Terminal Emulator session, or as a separate scheme file.  Along with keyboard, there are several other schemes available to enhance the look and feel of the application, including color, edit, hotspots and mouse.
Use the Search function to quickly identify existing key mappings.
FlexTerm Keyboard Customize.png
FlexTerm File Transfer.png

File Transfer

Flex Terminal Emulator fully supports both IND$FILE and secure FTP transfer of files to/from host systems.  Users can create custom transfer lists for performing batch file transfers.
FTP file transfers can be performed either natively from any Flex Terminal Emulator session, or for more advanced functionality using the FlexFTP Client.


Flex Terminal Emulator Extensions is a powerful tool, which provides enhanced functionality and increased productivity for the user. Included are four system extensions for Notes, PF Keys, Print Multiple Screens and Screen Recorder, with the ability to create custom extensions with buttons for performing any Flex Terminal Emulator action.
All extensions provide:
  • Ability to float or dock to any side of the Flex Terminal Emulator workspace window
  • Docked extensions may also be pinned to provide auto-hide capability
  • When multiple extensions are enabled, they can be stacked
Custom extensions allow users to:
  • Set the rows between 1 and 14
  • Set the columns between 1 and 24
  • Customize the background color
  • Set buttons to text only, image only or image with text
  • Use any internal Flex Terminal Emulator image, or import any external image
  • Customize font color
  • Set buttons to perform any Flex Terminal Emulator action
Extensions - Print Multiple Screens.png
Extensions - Notes.png
Extensions - Screen Recorder.png
Extensions - Custom.png
Extensions - 3270 PF Keys.png
Theme - Aero Normal Color.png

Window Themes

Select from 23 available workspace window themes, which control the colors and styles of the window elements, allowing the user to personalize the Flex Terminal Emulator environment. 
The slideshow provides a preview of some of the more commonly used themes.
Hover over the image to pause the slideshow and move the mouse away to continue.  Use the navigation arrows to manually scroll through the themes, or press any of the slide buttons to jump to a specific theme.

Ready for Cloud and Virtualization

As more and more organizations are preparing for a cloud-based infrastructure to host business critical applications, Flex Terminal Emulator can be published in the cloud as a secure application.
Flex Terminal Emulator also fits well into any existing Terminal Server, Citrix or other virtual environment.

Ready for Windows

Flex Terminal Emulator has been approved by Microsoft for their Ready for Windows program with an "Always up-to-date" status and is available in the Ready for Windows Directory.
The Ready for Windows website lists software solutions that are supported and in use on Windows 10 commercial devices. This reflects our commitment to support the current release of Windows 10/11, the last two Semi-Annual channel releases and any future Windows operating systems.
For more information, please visit the FAQ page on the Ready for Windows website.
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
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