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Flex Terminal Emulator Zero Client for Secure, Centrally Managed Terminal Emulation Environments

For customers who wish to leverage existing cloud or other hosting platforms to deploy their terminal emulation software, Flex Terminal Emulator Zero Client provides the solution for Citrix, Terminal Services, RemoteApp, etc. This also allows users to launch terminal sessions from non-Windows devices, such as Apple Mac/iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone, etc.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Zero footprint on desktop

  • Reduces help desk calls and IT related costs

  • Secure, centralized management and deployment

  • All configuration files stored in user's individual profile

  • All desktop features and functionality available

  • No plugins, such as Java or ActiveX

  • Device and operating system agnostic, so Flex Terminal Emulator sessions may be started from not only any Windows device, but also from tablets/mobile devices, whether iOS or Android based

For a live demo, please contact FlexSoftware sales at 800-835-3975 ext 1 or


Below is a screenshot demonstrating a RemoteApp deployment of Flex Terminal Emulator followed by a Flex Terminal Emulator workspace running on an iPad:

FlexTerm Zero Client

Flex Terminal Emulator host sessions are easily published from a Windows server running RemoteApp and made available to groups of users, with nothing installed on the desktop.

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