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Flex-X Terminal Emulator Enterprise Highlights

Better Performance

  • WebAssembly Support
    Run compiled code on the web for near native performance.

  • Customizable Speed Settings
    Create as many speed setting profiles ad you'd like. Includes auto detect for optimizing performance.

  • Graphics Resolution Controls
    Reduce graphic quality for faster display speed.

  • Frame Rate Controls
    Adjust frame rate for faster display speed.

  • CPU Limitation Setting
    Maximize performance when running processor intensive applications.

  • Client Side Frame Buffering (Frame Window)
    Maximize real-time updates of client.

  • Double Buffering
    Prevents flickering and tearing, gives you smooth image transition.

  • Remote FX Image Compression
    Efficient lossless image compression

  • Browser Caching
    Connect to your session faster.

  • Realtime Updates/Push Notifications
    Instant client updates are made to the session configuration on the server.

  • Mouse Polling
    More responsive input.

The Ultimate User Experience

  • Pixel Perfect Rendering
    Razor sharp graphic images.

  • Gnome3 Support
    Display the 3D Gnome desktop.

  • Ubuntu Unity Desktop Compatibility
    FlexTerm-X Enterprise supports Unity desktops.

  • Session Manager in the Browser
    Configure your sessions from your web browser.

  • Session Display in the Browser
    Your Linux desktop displays in the browser window.

  • Session Preview/Snapshot Support
    See the state of your session from your smartphone.

  • Suspend/Resume/Terminate Sessions
    Reconnect from any PC or mobile device.

  • Right/Left/Middle Mouse Button
    Support for all modern mice.

  • Keyboard Modifier Key Support
    Support for full 105 key keyboards.

  • Server-Side OpenGL Rendering
    Use the power of the server to render 3D images.

  • Virtual GL Support
    Faster 3D rendering display.

  • Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE and Redhat Support
    Support for all modern Linux systems.

  • Secure Session Sharing
    Allow multiple users to connect to a single session.

  • Offline Sharing
    Share a session and have it continue to run with who you've shared it after you log off.

Boost Your Productivity

  • Browser Client
    All major browsers are supported, no plug-ins required.

  • Session Bookmarking for Users
    Save commonly used configurations for quick access.

  • Desktop Client for Windows/Mac/Linux
    Use any device you prefer.

  • Linux Console Client
    Adds persistency to your Linux workstation desktop.

  • Touch Interface (iPad/iPhone)
    Interface for touch input devices.

  • Single Application (rootless window mode)
    Display a single application instead of the full desktop.

  • Clipboard Support
    Copy/Paste to and from Linux with our desktop browser client.

  • Full Screen Mode
    The remote desktop fills the entire monitor.

  • Dynamic Window Resizing
    Use the mouse to make the window the desired size.

  • Window Scaling
    Support for high resolution monitors.

  • Auto Keyboard Detection
    Keyboard input language.

  • Mobile Device Ready
    Works well on small-screened smart devices.

  • Bookmark Icons
    Define sessions with an image.

Cutting Edge Security

  • Encryption

    • SSH

    • SSL/TLS

  • Authentication

    • SAML/Okta (single sign-on)

    • CORS

    • Multi-Factor

    • OTP

    • LDAP

    • Kerberos

    • Public Key

    • Token Key

    • Challenge/Response

Streamlined Integration

  • Command Restrictions
    Users can only access approved applications.

  • Global Sessions
    Set up session parameters for all users.

  • Server Side Licensing
    No client download required when you use the browser.

  • Load Balancing
    FlexTerm-X Enterprise supports load balanced servers.

  • Cluster Server Support
    FlexTerm-X Enterprise supports servers running in a cluster.

  • Desktop Mode (Gnome XFCE, KDE and Xterm Default Sessions)
    Gnome and KDE desktops are pre-configured.

  • Job Scheduling
    Integrates with job schedulers such as Platform LSF, Moab, Grid Engine, etc.

  • Hot Swap Configuration
    Change configuration on the fly, no restarts needed.

  • Session Filtering
    Choose which sessions are displayed to users.

  • Scripted Installation
    Automate your installation into existing batch software.

Admin Tools

  • User Profiles
    Restrict user access to certain options/features

  • Disconnect Timeout
    Terminate session after inactivity for an admin chosen amount of time.

  • License Monitoring
    See how many FlexTerm-X Enterprise licenses are currently in use.

  • File Upload
    Admins can upload files to FlexTerm-X Enterprise.

  • Gateway Server Support
    Use a gateway server to distribute session loads.

  • Server Monitoring
    See the impact of FlexTerm-X Enterprise on CPU and memory.

  • Open API for building custom clients
    Integrate the FlexTerm-X Enterprise API with your software application.

  • Theme Support (Custom Interface)
    Change the UI to match your company's colors and logo.

  • Admin Groups
    Admin control can be based on Linux users or groups.

Flexible Licensing Options

  • Concurrent and named-User Licensing
    License Server Installation

  • Fail-over License Server Support
    Protects users in case the license server fails.

  • Central License Server
    Manages users connecting to many servers.

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