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Flex Host Access Library and Terminal Control for Building Custom Applications via Host Integration

.NET Host Integration Platform

Flex Host Access Library provides a programmatic approach to integrating with host applications, which is commonly referred to as scraping the data from the host application or "screen scraping." With this noninvasive approach, developers can quickly and easily create a better user experience, without the risk of changing the back-end host application.
OHIO: Open Host Interface Objects

Based on OHIO Specification

The Open Host Interface Objects for TN3270E (OHIO) specification as defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force draft provides a set of classes, methods, properties and events that allow developers to programmatically access IBM Z (mainframe), IBM i (AS/400) and Open Systems (Unix/Linux) host applications.
OHIO addresses the need for a standardized advanced programming interface to host data, without the need to modify the host protocol or data stream, but instead provides common access methods to the data once it arrives from the host. It uses an object oriented, hierarchal approach to divide the host data into logical objects, providing methods on those objects to allow standard access to the host data.

Sample Demo Apps

Provided are three sample applications with the source code, which may be used as a starting point for developers to write their own host integration application. These include C# Forms, VB.Net Forms and C# WPF.
FlexHAL Demo Forms VB.Net
FlexHAL Demo Forms C#
FlexHAL Demo WPF C#

Terminal Control

Flex Host Access Library also includes a Terminal Control, which provides a terminal screen WFP User Control that can be embedded into a .NET application. This makes developing a custom application to access legacy data, or pull information from many desperate systems into a common interface possible. Access data on IBM Z (Mainframe) via TN3270, Open Systems (Unix/Linux) via VT/WYSE/SCOANSI and IBM i (AS/400) via TN5250.
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